Watching a Movie at Home or in Movies building Essay

Tyler Murphy Compare and Contrast Newspaper (Rough Draft) October 12, 2010 B5 Composition & Grammar Seeing Movies: At your home vs . Visiting the Theaters

The moment deciding among watching a movie/video at your home and watching a movie/video in a theater, most people basic their decision on lots of things. Some major components persons factor in before you make a decision which is method of watching films is better happen to be cost, convenience, control, and quality. Each one of these items affects the viewer view on which is a better way to watch films. Cost is a single major element in determining if watching a movie at home is preferable to watching a movie at a theater. The typical cost for buying a window of a movie is definitely 10 dollars. When in the movies, most the people looking at the movie also likes to have a treat to eat throughout the movie. The regular cost intended for food on the theaters is definitely 6 dollars and beverages are 4 dollars adding another 10 dollars arriving at a total of 20 dollars. Watching a movie at home alternatively costs a few - 15 dollars based on if the movie was induced boot-leg (cheapest cost), leased from a local movie retail outlet (medium cost), or acquired out of stores (most expensive cost). Snacks while you're watching a movie at home are also less expensive than the movie theater because the appetizers are already possessed saving the viewer a pile of cash not including gas cost for achieveing to drive towards the theater.

Comfort is another big take into account determining whether watching a movie at home or at a show theater is better. At the cinema, the viewer's comfort capability is not an option. Most chairs in the theater are manufactured in a particular position simply allowing the viewer to sit in a position in what the chairs permits. Comfort capability at home is another story. Watching a movie at your home, the viewer has the range of sitting on the floor, sofa, or chair. The viewer has the...