Viability of Marketing Computer Peripherals in Especially by SolentWater Consultancy Group Essay

Table of Contents

1 . Introduction1

1 ) 1 Organization profile: one particular

2 . The Macro Environment2

2 . one particular PEST-Analysis2

Stand 1: PEST-Analysis2

2 . 1 ) 1 Political Environment3

2 . 1 . 2 Economic Environment3

2 . 1 ) 3 Socio-cultural Environment3

installment payments on your 1 . 5 Technological Environment3

2 . two The Industry4

Table 2: Competitive Forces4

2 . 2 . 1 Rivalry amongst existing companies5

Stand 3: Competitors5

2 . installment payments on your 2 Threat of new entrants5

2 . installment payments on your 3 Menace of substitutes6

2 . installment payments on your 4 Bargaining power of suppliers6

2 . 2 . 5 Negotiating power of buyers6

3. Marketplace Entry Strategies6

3. you Direct Export7

3. 1 . 1 Direct sales via the Internet7

3. two Subsidiary of your Foreign Organization in a kind of Branch Office7 3. three or more Foreign Manufacturing without Direct Investment8

3. 3. 1 Local Subsidiary Production8

Stand 3. 37

4. Promoting Programme9

four. 1 Product9

4. a couple of Promotions9

four. 3 Price10

4. 4 Place10

four. 5 People11

5. Recommendations11

6. References13

1 . Launch

The survey has been published by SolentWater Agency Group pursuing the request of WANO Limited to research and deliver a comprehensive report coping with the viability of marketing computer peripherals in Poland. Considering that the client will not have knowledge in doing business in appearing European market segments, SolentWater consultants have managed to deliver a simple summary from the environmental analysis as well as details appropriate market entry and marketing programme approaches that are highly relevant to the client.

The listed below patient's characteristics were considered in choosing the suggested market entry and marketing mix approaches. 1 . one particular Company profile


Signed up Office London, uk Street Bristol, BRX 009 XZ Keeping Company non-e Established 1991 United Kingdom

Principal activities:

The transfer, sale and support of applications software and computer peripherals for home use.

Product information:

WANO offers a wide range of server storage equipment, LAPTOP OR COMPUTER printers, and other data control peripherals, including keyboards, monitors, and expansion cards.

Current and Upcoming developments:

The business is engaged in selling usana products via the Internet only and is displayed in 18 countries including USA and Canada. With HQ located in the UK, WANO has sponsor distribution middle in Germany to assistance Europe and in Chicago to get the Unites states and Canada. Such approach fits in with all the company's vision of IT as a business support that in turn reflects you’re able to send main goal to make computer experience more secure, more trustworthy and more attainable. Moreover, the company currently has 945 personnel worldwide, with almost a third working in great britain. In 2007, WANO is planning to grow into Far eastern Europe.

Monetary Results:

In the year ending 23 December 2005, WANO Ltd's turnover was ВЈ 75 m, an increase of 15. 7% on 2004. installment payments on your The Macro Environment

installment payments on your 1 PEST-Analysis

Table you: PEST-Analysis


•The fourth most attractive country to invest in after China, USA, India. •Corporate Income Tax: 19 %

• Progressive Personal Income Tax: (19-40%)

•Foreign investors: 2 years taxes free period

•Leader: Conservative party

•Polish investment legislation allows overseas participation approximately 100% •Companies with international participation happen to be subject to 38% flat duty rate

Supply: Ernst & Young 2006, International expenditure journal 2007. •Inflation: 2 . 1 % (latest years 3. almost 8, 0. almost 8, 1 . 9) •GDP actual annual development: 5. three or more % (latest years several. 4, a few. 3, several. 8) •Unemployment: 14. 9 % (latest years seventeen. 3, nineteen, 20)


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