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Analyze over Cinderella

The story of Cinderella is based on equal rights; it is the excellent example of dealing with others with fairness. In the story the indegent Cinderella is usually treated awfully and neglected. Added to the fact that she has lost both these styles her father and mother, she now is treated just like a slave. This wounderful woman has no expect left in her existence at this point, only one chance make an impression the knight in shining armor. Her chances are slim from being controlled by supposed " superior”, to being a princess. Inside the story, those who thought that they have a place among others, anything special about them, end up getting put below the person they once neglected. There are numerous sayings that go with this, and plenty of theory's that go around on this, such as " karma”. The storyline comes to a happy ending, the tarnished and neglected slave becoming a princess, and the evil stepsisters and stepmother forced to live beneath her. This kind of play is a wonderful example of issues working themselves out, to create balance in the world.

Analyze over A Streetcar Named Desire

Ben Toal

5th hour intro to theatre – Shwartz

Film production company A Streetcar Named Desire, by Tn Williams, uses the life and story of Blanche DuBois. A troubled woman who has seemingly misplaced everything except her sister. The movie on its own would not make much perception to me easily had not carried out the research onto it beforehand. Now if the film was remade today, with better techniques to get info to the audience, it would be a unique story. The movie itself dived around by scene to scene, with little info provided in advance you could get the gist from the movie from these moments, but it was hard to follow all the details jointly storyline. Blanche was certainly under pressure via Stanley, the psychopathic soul mate of her sister. By my exploration she was raped simply by him, but also in the movie it only confirmed signs of cardiovascular struggle involving the two. Then the scenes hopped again towards the future, I believe. Overall the storyline...