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Paul Roberto

Professor Evelyn

ENG 247

13 April 2011

The Thing About Your The neck and throat

Throughout Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's, The Thing About Your Neck of the guitar, she revealed characters in various categories based on their religion and cultural background. Various examples are used to group different people, but the one that sticks out one of the most for me may be the scarf and how it is represented in her story, A Private Experience. This kind of scarf that is hanging around this kind of woman's the neck and throat represents whom she is being a person, and what ethnicity she retains. This straightforward scarf not only breaks the barrier among two character types of different qualification but it devices them as one. That same scarf as well breaks a stereotype of a certain religion and brings the two of these characters that share diverse religious morals to become two women who want to survive.

In the story, A Private Experience, the product of a scarf brought the main character Chika, a Christian woman, and another woman, who happened to be Muslim with each other as one. That same scarf also segregated these two ladies because of their several ethnic backgrounds. When the two characters initially meet Chika identified this other female as a Muslim right away as a result of thing that was about her neck. " Which she is Muslim, because of the headscarf. It hangs around the woman's neck today, but it was probably

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twisted loosely circular her deal with before, protecting her ears” (44). This simple part of material labeled this girl as a certain type of ethnic background and was the piece that separated the two of these characters. That thing around her neck of the guitar was a barrier that brought on Chika to group her into a separate group of people. Because of this " thing” about her throat, Chika found her being a Muslim initial, and a lady second. The scarf grouped both of these people, whom both were woman, in different groups of woman; based on their faith based background. Just by looking at this kind of item, Chika knew which kind of Hausa-Muslim your woman...