The Impact of Leadership Variations on Task Stress and Turnover Purpose Essay


Hsien-Che Lee

Department of Business Supervision, Tatung University or college

40, Sec 3, Chung-Shan N. Rd, Taiwan Metropolis, Taiwan ROC

[email protected] edu. tw

Tsai-Hua Chuang

Student of Graduate student School of Management, Tatung University forty, Sec 3, Chung-Shan And. Rd, Taiwan City, Taiwan ROC [email protected] com. tw


For recent years, Taiwan has stepped into an maturing society. Life insurance coverage and retirement planning which have quite a bit to do with insurance industry happen to be questions of interest. The insurance industry focuses on close contact among clients, sales reps and managers. That is a human-oriented industry, that the experienced market leaders inspire the sales people through continuous training and confidence and lead them by simply vision. Therefore , leader's command type is the critical factor for the achievements of the organization. This research explores the relationships among leader's leadership design, subordinate's personality characteristic, and job tension and proceeds intention. We all also recognize the part of the adjustable of personality characteristic and job stress respectively. All of us use convenient sampling method to collect info. In pretest, 50 copies of forms are brought to employees of M insurance provider, for which 46 valid ones are came back, And then, a total of 230 copies of questionnaires happen to be sent out, of which 176 went back questionnaires will be valid. The effective response rate are at 80%. We all adopt SPSS to do data analysis and draw conclusions as follows: (1) Leadership style has significant influence on job stress; (2) Work stress features positive relationship with turnover intention; (3) Leadership style has unfavorable influence of turnover intention; (4) Character characteristic does not have moderating influence on the relationship between leadership design and task stress; (5) Personality attribute brings simply no moderating effect on the relationship among job stress and proceeds intention; (6) Job anxiety has mediation effect on the relationship between leadership style and turnover purpose.

Keywords:Leadership Design, Job Stress, Personality Characteristic, Turnover Intention.


Pertaining to recent years, Taiwan has entered into an aging society. Insurance coverage and is not that have a lot to do with insurance are inquiries of interest. The insurance industry is targeted on close get in touch with and connection among clients, sales people and managers. This is a human-oriented sector, for which the experienced leaders inspire the sales reps through continuous training and encouragement and lead them to work harder to achieve desired goals by eye-sight. The leader's leadership type plays an important role in achievementing performance t from the organization. The leader's capacity to adapt to internal and external environment changes and business lead a group of beneficial subordinates to work together is the key to accomplishment. Thus, this research explores the relationships among the leader's leadership design and the subordinate's personality feature, job pressure and yield intention. This research as well studies the role with the variable of personality attribute and work stress respectively and gives advices to managers to lower the turnover rate in the a life insurance policy industry. The actual research targets are outlined as follows: (1). to explore the affect of leadership style around the subordinate's work stress; (2). to explore the effect of task stress in turnover goal; (3). to research the influence of various leadership design on the yield intention; (4). to explore the moderating role of personality characteristic on leadership style and job stress respectively; (5). to explore the mediating effect of character characteristic and job anxiety respectively.


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