Television Harmful to Children Article

Jordan Landfair

Senior Analysis paper


Television Detrimental to Children

In the days when television screens had been brimming with pictures of " The Cosby Show" and " Three's Company, " parents scarcely gave another thought when ever their children spent a few hours ahead of the tube. Nevertheless TV isn't what it used to be. There are more than 95 channels available via cable connection in most American communities, and far of the coding might mail shock ocean through father and mother raised on Sesame Street and Mister. Rogers. Tv is damaging the children these days because of just how much time youngsters spend watching TV, the immoral values that instills in kids, and exactly how television in fact negatively impacts the brain.

As a result of lesser self-control notion of this day and age, kids nowadays simply watch way too much TV. Which is not a good thing, since watching television keeps kids from doing various other productive things such as parent and child conversation. Amy Nathanson, an associate teacher at Ohio State School says that " TELEVISION viewing can be reducing just how much parents consult with their children. And diminished parent-child interaction can have unwanted effects on children, especially when they can be young” ( Psychology Today). Young children who also watch a lot of TV could possibly be missing out on beneficial - actually crucial - interactions with parents within a critical justification in their development. Parent-child connection, even with kids who won't be able to yet speak, is vital to children's healthier development. Also the more hours spent watching television can lead to health-related issues. " children who have spent a lot more than an hour . 5 in front of the TELEVISION SET each day got narrower blood vessels in their retinas, ”(The Universe Today) says Anne Hipsley, a investigator at Syndey University in Australia. These less wide arteries signal increased risk of future heart disease and heart disease. Also seeing too much television set at close range may cause eyestrain. Chanie Kirschner, a writer and specialist for...