Strategic Plan Part 1: Conceptulizing a company Essay

Strategic Plan Part 1 Conceptualizing a Business

Carmen Bryant


August 8, 2012

Garold Chilly

Strategic Prepare Part A single Conceptulizing a Business

In this paper it will describe my organization, the products, and services in addition to the customers who will be entering the organization. By designing a mission assertion that will help create a vision assertion for my own business, and, it clearly will help the customers and personnel understand what it is that I wish for my business and what I desire in the future intended for my business.

The business enterprise that I selected is Sunday'z Best, which is the brand of my restaurant that I plan to available. Sunday'z Greatest will serve the best quality of down country foods. The restaurant may have respect for his or her employees and their customers. It can be a family focused restaurant pertaining to families to come in and revel in a Weekend meal following church, and just relax. It can make the clients feel like they may be in the convenience of thier own home. The products that will be dished up will be manufactured fresh, and from scratch, the item will be reasonable and delicious. The deserts will be created from scratch, including peach cobbler, Italian Cream Cheese Wedding cake, Bananna Pudding, (the kind that mama used to steam on the stove), just to term a few. This will make the people that moved to the city enjoy the style of down home country cooking food that they are lacking because of living away from home. We all will make an effort to be the very best in the business and supply a superior quality of food and service with competitive prices that the consumers like and at the same time attain the very best customer satisfaction by displaying the very best and superb customer service, top quality of food, and offer professionalism and reliability at its finest. It will be just like the customers will be in their individual homes mainly because on Fridays, it will be referred to as Finn by yourself on Fri, which will include a dressoir, and the clients will be able to serve themselves, the children will have to choose...