Chapter fifty-one Essay

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Chapter: Chapter 51: Management of Sufferers With Immunodeficiency

Multiple Decision

1 . A proper high school athlete is diagnosed with fever and cellulite of the right knee. The problem is resistant to oral remedies. He then develops osteomyelitis with the right leg. If without treatment, the infection could result in A) Serious neutropenia

B) Decrease light blood cellular material

C) Usual creatinine distance

D) A fungal infection

Ans: A

Part: 51

Customer Needs: A-2

Cognitive Level: Application

Problems: Difficult

Integrated Process: Medical Process

Aim: 1

Page and Header: 1562, Phagocytic Dysfunction

Opinions: Patients with phagocytic cell disorders may well develop extreme neutropenia. With the onset of neutropenia the white blood cell count raises and the creatinine clearance lessens. The patient can be prone to a fungal infection but will not present with cellulite and osteomyelitis.

2 . A patient is confessed with a great immunologic difficulty and 4 gamma-globulin is definitely ordered. What should the registered nurse monitor for as a potential side effect of IV gamma-globulin? A) Anaphylactic reaction

B) Hypertension

C) Hypothermia

D) Joint soreness

Ans: A

Chapter: fifty-one

Client Demands: D-2

Intellectual Level: Program

Difficulty: Modest

Integrated Method: Nursing Process

Objective: 2

Page and Header: 1563, Phagocytic Malfunction

Feedback: Potential side effects of your IV gamma-globulin infusion incorporate hypotension, flank pain, chills, and tightness in upper body, terminating with a slightly enhanced body temperature and anaphylactic reaction. Hypertension, hypothermia, and joint pain are not usual unwanted effects of IV gamma-globulin.

3. You are admitting someone with an immunodeficiency to your unit. In planning the care of this patient, you are aware the fact that patient probably will exhibit what symptom linked to the immunodeficiency? A) Chronic diarrhea

B) Hyperglycemia

C) Rhinitis

D) Contact dermatitis

Ans: A

Chapter: fifty-one

Client Requires: D-4

Cognitive Level: Program

Difficulty: Average

Integrated Process: Nursing Method

Objective: two

Page and Header: 1562, Introduction

Responses: The cardinal symptoms of immunodeficiency include long-term or repeated severe infections, infections brought on by unusual creatures or creatures that are usual body bacteria, poor response to treatment of infections, and persistent diarrhea. Hyperglycemia, rhinitis, and contact dermatitis are not symptoms the patient will probably exhibit.

four. A young couple visits the nurse practitioner saying that they want to start a family. The husband says that his brother passed away of a severe infection at age 6 months. He says he hardly ever knew the thing that was wrong yet his mom had him tested for gamma-globulin as a child. Based on the statements above, what might the nurse practitioner suspect? A) Severe neutropenia

B) X-linked agammaglobulinemia

C) Drug caused thrombocytopenia

D) Aplastic low blood count

Ans: B

Chapter: 51

Client Needs: A-2

Cognitive Level: Examination

Difficulty: Hard

Integrated Procedure: Nursing Method

Objective: one particular

Page and Header: 1564, B-Cell Deficiencies

Feedback: There is no evidence of drug-induced thrombocytopenia or perhaps aplastic low blood count. The child could have only suffered with severe neutropenia if there was clearly evidence of microbial or fungal infections. The truth the mother of this individual had him tested for gamma-globulin as a child would show that his sibling got X-linked agammaglobulinemia. More than 10% of patients with X-linked agammaglobulinemia will be hospitalized...