SAP Survey Essay


Issue five: Problem on SAP Software program

Another concern arising from the implementation of SAP can be regarding to the software alone. From the example, ATLAM which the execution of SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS involved exceptional risks and challenges especially on the security issue. They need to ensure that the access to the program is in a tight security safeguard. Therefore , to do that ATLAM need to spend each consumer with a single ID every user per task when you use internal control and audit purposes. Yet , Lim as a User Consultant mentioned that the security concern will cost a whole lot and they will have to cut a lot of price in many elements. Apart from that, SAP database likewise centralised across all PETRA subsidiaries where there is a problem in dealing with centralised data in that massive amounts of data. As a result, it might love to a visitors jams with the thousands of users using the program at the same time. Due to this problem, gleam possibility of losing data the moment all orders going on at one time. Gopal as User Task Manager bothered that the system will crash if there is simply no back-up strategy made. Zulkifli agreed with Gopal's thoughts and opinions and will take this matter into account later.

Initial Investment

Initial purchase also called as initial pay out is an instant cash outflows that necessary by business to start a project. Calculation of initial purchase is important to determine how much value is needed to any new task. The following are the calculation of initial expense that will be bear by ATLAM in the implementation of SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS as acquired in the case examine:




2, 000, 000

Preliminary software certificate

1, 1000, 000

Schooling costs

one particular, 271, 550

Customisation operate

72, 840

Initial Cost

4, 344, 390

The original investment that will be incurred simply by ATLAM for the setup of SAP is RM4, 344, 390. The expense cost is greater and expensive than the setup of ACCPAC. From the remark, although the rendering cost of SAP is huge but it provides a lot of cost saving in term of accountant's time and efficiency price, technical knowledge cost, process and methods cost as well as saving in working capital.


Solution to Concern 4: Provide Sufficient Establishments

If the implementation of SAP product is to be built, ATLAM ought to provide enough facilities pertaining to the users by buying more Pcs which is used mounting of the application. However , the number of computers supplied should be restricted to the number of chosen users because of not all staff will be allowed to access the system pertaining to the security reasons. Other than that, the of places also need to be looked at in buying new personal computers. Consequently , ATLAM provides few computers in order to get the computers enough to be placed in the particular place. This will become a good idea seeing that ATLAM will not want to incur extra cost to build a new room. Solution to Issue 5: Introducing Fresh Policy

In order to ensure the implementation of SAP going smoothly, Zulkifli as Fund and Accounts Manager must come out with ways on how to defeat the problems with regards to SAP computer software. Before implementing the system, Zulkifli must strategy and expose a new coverage to all users and personnel before they start working while using system. One of many new coverage that Zulkifli can present is by allocating the users which has a user IDENTIFICATION in order to get usage of the system. Yet , only the chosen and trusted users may obtained the consumer ID and users need to undergo personnel training to find the ID. The manager must limit the quantity of user in order to cut price and also for the security reasons. They do not require too many users to use the machine since the facilities are also...