Critique: Homosexuality and Toby Sullivan Research Paper

James Burns


ENG 102

Feb . 29th, 2013

A Critique of " For Gay Marriage” By Andrew Sullivan

Marriage between two people is actually a commitment, to address each other no matter what happens, being there for each and every other, to love one an additional for who they are. Homosexuals have been denied this kind of right simply because they have a unique sexuality than most people. In the article, " For Gay and lesbian Marriage, ” by Andrew Sullivan, this individual talks about how homosexuals are viewed as unequal because they you do not have the right to get married to. Andrew Sullivan presents a large number of points within this article that support his argument. He criticizes the very fact that homosexuals are staying denied the right to get married, and explains for what reason they should have right to accomplish that.

In the article " For Gay Marriage” by simply Andrew Sullivan, he discusses how homosexuals are publically unequal because they are denied the right to marry. Sullivan discusses how people believe marriage ought to be between a male and a woman, but he talks about how marriage is really viewed as " the emotional, financial, and psychological connect between two people” (404). Sullivan likewise brings up that the majority of people assume if a couple is wedded that they have to include children, yet later he explains there is no municipal right saying the couple has to have children. Having kids is a choice that the couple makes. Marital life is a determination between two people; it does not have to be just heterosexuals. Sullivan discusses how people

feel that the psychological bond is not strong enough to fulfill the " marriage”, but if whatever the mental bond between two homosexuals is most likely stronger, because they know they are denied rights that heterosexuals get. In this article Sullivan mentions that allowing gay marriage would help young gay lovers be fewer in-secure about themselves and possibly have more relationships. " It gives you role designs for youthful gay persons, who, following exhilaration of coming out can certainly lapse...