Reflection in Field Check out Essay

Representation on field visit

This report will outline my field visit at RSL aged attention center. I used to be required to observe the nurses executing their tasks, communication and safety practice in a specialist working environment. Whilst comparing the fact with my expectation, I must reflect on what I felt, what had been my own experience, and what I have to learn more. My spouse and i am also required to know about any unsafe practice that may happen for the reason that field and suggest a simple solution for it.

Within my imagination, RSL could have been a hospital numerous nurses, doctors and modern day equipment. The patients could have been very old, weak and immobile.

However , what I discovered was astonishing. It was not just a green space, but a landscape of hills, caves, trees, flowers, and water view. Couple of nurses used uniform other than some who were doing all their cleaning work. Some older people who looked independent were doing exercise or perhaps swimming. Several immobile old guys and women had been listening to the music and performing. I saw a great Indian girl who was feeding an old gentleman in the living area, I thought they have to have been daughter and dad because they were so near to each other, nevertheless later I was told that they can were not, they were nurse and patient. Right up until that mean time I realized the definition of holistic nurturing process that has been described as the care of the total human being (the interconnectedness from the body, head, emotion, heart, social/cultural, romance, context and environment) (Mariano, 2007). To be able to carry it away, firstly, I have to improve my personal English and body language as they are not outstanding enough now, and this can be done by further self-training and practice. Secondly, We am concerned about other critical skills which were said since prioritizing individual care and managing a circumstance load (Carlisle et al., 1999) for the reason that work load I actually perceived was very huge, and the proper way is to have every opportunity of practice in my functional class HLSC 110 to get used to the position as much...