Ratio Analysis of Pakistani Oil Sectors Essay


April sixteen, 2009

College of Organization Management,


M/s. Aasiya Shirazi,

Training course instructor, Introduction to Business Finance,


Special Madam,

This can be a report you asked us to prepare throughout the semester with the Introduction to Organization Finance study course that is based upon the " Refinery Sector".

The statement attempts to realise a detailed an analysis of the sector. It offers an introduction to sector and also compare proportion.

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We all feel much pleasure to supply my genuine thanks and feelings of profound gratitude to Ms. Aasiya Shirazi whose guidance, advices, willing interest, philanthropic attitude and encouragement empowered us to complete this report.

Desk of Material

Introduction to Refineries

• Pakistan Refinery Ltd. 5

• National Refinery Ltd. 6

• Attock Refinery Ltd. 7


Monetary Ratio Examination

• Fluid ratios9

• Efficiency/Activity Ratios13

• Debt/Leverage Ratios20

• Profitability Ratios22

• Mkt/Equity Ratios27





Pakistan Refinery Ltd.

On February six, the foundation rock was put by the then Minister to get Fuel, Power and Organic Resources. Simply by July, the silhouette of the Refinery could be seen as it seems today. Furthermore construction for Korangi, it had been necessary to develop a Tank Farm building at Keamari. There the crude oil being discharged via tankers inside the Karachi harbour could be placed, before being transferred to the Refinery storage containers at Korangi.

On October 28, the plant came into procedure two months in front of schedule. It incorporates many of the most modern refinery equipment and techniques. Upon November 13, the starting of the Refinery was performed by Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan, President of Pakistan. The style capacity from the Refinery was to process 1 million tons of crude oil every year, but that very year it was decided to expand the capacity of the Refinery to 2 . you million tons per annum, as soon as possible after businesses had commenced.

How far PRL have come….!!!

Today, Goods derived from refining of commodity future trading meet a tough part of the universe energy needs. PRL, since inception is the principle producer and provider of petroleum products for the domestic markets, Pakistan Defense Force and Railways. That continues to hardware the energy requires of the region with professional excellences and high degree of commithment. PRL takes pride in the competitive border it likes of value of productivity, lower functioning cost, superior quality human resource, reliability and summary of newer geration technologies.

National Refinery Limited.

Government of Pakistan took over the administration of NRL under the Financial Reforms Purchase, 1972 under the Ministry of Production, that has been exercising control through their shareholding in State Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Company (PERAC).

The us government of Pakistan had chosen to place the Nationwide Refinery Limited under the administrative control of Ministry of Petroleum & Organic Resources in November 1998.

In 06 2003...