QA Assignmen Essay

1. Benefits of photodiode:

Select one:

a. It is Very tiny

b. Voltage creating characteristic

c. They have fast period response

d. It includes slow response

installment payments on your Advantages of PLCs than Hard wired Relay:

Select one particular:

a. conveniently programmable

b. Very reliable

c. None of these

d. equally Highly reliable and easily pre-reglable

three or more. Approximately 400nm to 760 nm selection is for

Select one:

a. Visible light band

b. Far Infrared

c. Ultraviolet (uv)

g. Microwave

4. Under the radar state procedure control is a particular.......... whereby the process achieves some target. Select one:

a. Situations

b. on/off occasions

c. relay logic events

d. sequence of events

five. Fluid flow through plumbing is scored by transforming flow in ----- with a restriction in the flow system Select one particular:

a. pressure

b. Flow velocity

c. displacement

d. flow rate

6. To get Metal Development facilities, ….. are used

Select one:

a. Total The radiation Pyrometer

b. both equally IR pyrometers and Total Radiation Pyrometer

c. IR pyrometers

deb. None of those

six. Holding current for a great SCR is most beneficial described as:

Select one:

a. the amount of current required to preserve conduction

b. the current required just before an SCR will turn-on

c. the bare minimum current required for turn-off

d. the gate current required to maintain conduction

8. Just how many w of electrical power are provided by a one particular cd resource?

Select 1:

a. 18 mW

b. 18. 4 W

c. 14 W

g. 18. 4mW

on the lookout for. LVDT is used........

Select one:

a. non-e of such

w. To evaluate mass displacement

c. As a great accelerometer

d. Both equally As an accelerometer and To measure mass displacement 10. PLCs are _____________ made for use in the control of numerous manufacturing equipment and systems. Select one particular:

a. special-purpose industrial computer systems

b. personal computers

c. All of these.

d. electromechanical devices

11. Pressure to displacement conversion can be carried out with Select one:

a. both Bellows and Diaphragm


c. Diaphragm

d. Bellows

12. The solenoid is used....

Choose one:

a. To convert electrical type to rotation

b. To convert electrical to mechanical signal

c. To convert electrical transmission to mechanised motion

d. To convert electric or mechanised signal to displacement. 13. Strain gauge pressure transducers are used to measure----pressures. Select 1:

a. Evaluate as well as cleaner

m. neither Evaluate as well as vacuum pressure nor complete as well as gear c. both equally Gauge as well as vacuum and absolute as well as differential m. absolute as well as differential

14. The unit is useful to get the measurement of very low pressures via about 10-3 atm to 10-13 atm. Select a single:

a. both Pirani gauge and Ionization gauge

b. Pirani gauge

c. non-e of these

d. Ionization gauge

15. The unit which converts linear or perhaps angular movement into a changing resistance that may be converted to voltage and/or current signals is Select 1:

a. Electro-pneumatic converter

b. Potentiometer

c. Servomotor

d. Control valve

16. The size of a ….. is proven as a pressure applied to an example of material in order to elongate or perhaps pull aside the sample Select one:

a. Shear force

b. tensile force

c. Shear strain

d. Compressional strain

17. The silicon-controlled rectifier can be switched off:

Select one:

a. by pressured commutation

b. when the breakover volt quality is exceeded

c. by a bad gate heartbeat

g. with the away switch

18. Any risk of strain gage can be utilized in all although which from the following applications?

Select one:

a. Any of these.

b. temperature

c. pressure

d. flow rate

19. The variable-reluctance shift sensor changes

Select one particular:

a. the inductance in a coil in answer to main motion

b. the impedance in a coil in answer to core motion

c. the impedance within a coil

d. the inductance in a coil

20. Numerous op amplifier circuits making use of the photoconductor as a circuit element are used to convert...... Text publication page no . 300 Select one:

a. both resistance...