Essay in Practice Hsc Questions -- Community and Family Research

Analyze the affect that socio-economic status can easily have within the parenting and caring marriage. (6 marks) An individual's socio-economic status can be influenced by the income they receive, the occupation of the person as well as the area in which they live. These affects affect the way people accomplish their child-rearing and qualified tasks, hence determining the quality of the relationship. Father and mother and carers with larger incomes might be more indulgent with toys and games, gifts and holidays, which can create a close relationship with the dependent as they feel highly valued and treasured. On the other hand, this may also suggest that they may well not necessarily possess a close connect, as their high income could require those to spend a lot of time away from their family and at the job. Alternatively, a family group with a low socio-economic position may purchase cheaper actions such as camping or doing some fishing which can allow them spend more time together and create a closer relationship. Although, a lower income and education can hinder the caliber of care provided to a reliant as the carer is probably not able to spend the money for medication and services required, or have the skill sets to meet the needs in the dependent.

Describe an moral issue that should be considered when conducting exploration. (2 marks) Ethics really are a set of rules determining what is good or bad. When conducting exploration it is important to consider the privacy and feelings of all involved. Experts have to make sure the information remains confidential and that if favored the people involved remain anonymous. Before performing primary analysis, or using equipment just like video recorders it is crucial that the researcher has got written or perhaps verbal authorization. The data and opinions accumulated should not be provided to anyone else, until the last product and lastly, all information needs to be stored firmly and disposed before convenience.

Explain the first challenges that adopted kids and their cultural parents might experience. (4 marks) Adoption is the process by which the legal responsibility of parenting of any child has to someone who is certainly not the natural parent. Therefore , the child and social father or mother may seem different. This may present a large number of challenges by itself, as contemporary society will be aware about the difference in appearance which may influence the child to question their very own differences. From this same impression, it can negatively impact on the parents and infant's self-esteem. The numerous problem that social father and mother may deal with may be the question of ‘how and when' do they tell the child that they are adopted. Adoptive parents may well have problems of the kid wanted to get their natural parents or perhaps that they will feel betrayed.

Illustrate the difficulties skilled by the impaired in conference the following requires: •housing

•sense of identity.

(6 marks)

The incapable have an actual or mental disadvantage opposed to those who are not disabled. A disability is a restriction or lack of ability to execute an activity in such a way which is regarded as ‘normal'. The amount and sort of disability can determine the housing requires of a impaired person. Real estate modifications, such as the installation of handrails and security or relocation may be essential for the individual to keep independence. Although, many incapable people are socio-economically disadvantaged and cannot afford ideal housing that is certainly nearby solutions or the cash to make their residence safe and secure. Consequently , many experience family or in group homes that can be accessed throughout the Department of Housing; though this decreases their self-reliance and adversely impacts issues sense of identity. The factors that contribute to the issues of appointment housing needs, also relate to establishing a sense of identity. A person's sense of identity originates from involvement during working hours, family life and actions. Some people using a disability require full-time treatment and have very little sense of identity since they are interdependent and...