Role of Media Article


Certainly media may play vital role for strenghtening democracy and revamping the organizations but sadly the faint glimmer of hope also turned while bitter enemy for the democracy. There is no-one to gainsay that in current scenario the moment media needed to rebuild tornished image of each of our country that failed to discover its position. in simple words we are able to say that acted since zardariphobic. i believe v desire a responsible press which can increase our image n deliver closer most units of society in hence can lead a misguided nation to path of prosperity in developement. Certainly media is definitely not playing its credited role. It has always submit the one sided and prejudiced stories to malign govt. I am surprised to see when our elected people are disgraced on tv. Without doubt they are inexperienced but they are continue to representatives of folks. And by the way individuals have not given these press men (that too from private sector and peculiar agendas) the power to ask. Furthermore, hosts of those talk shows are lacking basic expertise. They are inexperienced and ignorant from information and statistics regrading the situation. They discover how to insult people. I by no means learned anything from these types of talk displays. Honestly speaking i discovered more from international channels like ALjazeera about pakistan than these domestic stations.

They are doing nothing more than a company. They are opportunists and exploiters. while criticising our press we should keep in mind the position of media which mass media played in judicial downturn and in the revival od democratic ideals in Pakistan. we shoul Consider and accually multimedia iz the 4th piller of our nation as it iz a oral cavity piece b/w parliamnt and common people. because it make aware the govt about public view and thier demands. Nonetheless it iz also true that some individuals in press consider themslve above the regulation. as they balckmail the politicians to obtain thier personal gains thus there should be a lot of rules or restrctnz which in turn keep the press in its limitations. but the guidelines must be just like it would nt b against...