Online Shopping Marketing Research Proposal Essay


Identify the important factors that influence the online shopping routine for

buyers of Clothes products in Bangladesh.

Prepared for:

Maryland. Iftekharul Amin


Training course Instructor (M609 - Market Research)

Prepared by:

Monamee Afroze Ishika (Roll: 119, MBA 46 D) Priyom Mozumdar (Roll: 124, MBA 46 D) Mohammad Zulqar Nayen (Roll: 126, MBA 46 D) Meiner wenigkeit Zahidur Reza (Roll: one hundred sixty, MBA 46 D)

Institute of Organization Administration

College or university of Dhaka

April twenty one, 2013



Assertion of Difficulty: 2

Targets of the Exploration: 2

Opportunity: 3

Strategy: 3

Top quality Control Strategy: 5

Books Review7

What is Online Shopping? several

What effect the Consumers?: 8

To shop online pattern to get Apparel Items: 10

Online Shopping in Bangladesh: 11

Data Analysis Plan13

Hypothesis in consumers' market and psychographic characteristics13

Hypothesis on the consumers' relationship with e-commerce sites14

Time Cover Research Work15

Budget 18

Researcher Profile18

Reference and Bibliography22


Online getting is not really entirely a brand new concept on the market. It has been prolonged in the background since that time the Internet was commercially available to the public. Corporations have employed the Internet being a channel for fashion price tag marketing (Murphy, 1998). The importance for retailers to having a website is that an internet site is informational and transactional in character (Murphy, 1998). The top types of Online Revenue according to ComScore Networks, (Freedman, 2002) are:

•Computer Hardware and Software

•Apparel and Components

•Office Items

•Books, Music and Movies

•Consumer Electronics

•Home and Backyard

•Health and Beauty


•Sporting Products

•Toys and Games



In a general look at most individuals are still in heavy opt to shopping in stores. There are a number of reasons why consumers are discouraged to shop for clothing on-line. But the percentage of people getting clothing on the web is increasing and it shows not any signs of preventing. The elements that are affecting the online purchasing pattern for Bangladeshi customers can also be the determinant factors for the apparel searching through on the web. A structured searched can be done to identify the critical elements that affect the online shopping pattern for consumers of apparel in Bangladesh.

Statement of Problem:

The internet has revolutionized the lives of millions of its users since its inception. Our research is exploring one aspect with this revolution which is growing make use of by businesses and individuals as a full channel pertaining to apparel purchasing in Bangladesh. Apparel Searching is exceptional in a sense that lots of predicted it could be difficult to sell off online. There are many critical elements that affect the buyers to go for online shopping pertaining to apparel product through several websites. Therefore this detailed research hopes to identify these influential factors on Bangladeshi consumers intended for online apparel shopping.

So the problem declaration for this studies ‘Identify the critical elements that influence the online buying pattern pertaining to consumers of apparel items in Bangladesh. '

Goals of the Analysis:

This research work on online shopping pattern intended for apparel goods for Bangladeshi consumers will probably be conducted based on two kinds of objectives. They may be,

•Broad Target: This study will be done to identify and analyze a lot of important factors which in turn influence the internet shoppers in Bangladesh who do clothes shopping online.

• Specific Goal: The specific objectives of this analyze includes,

o To identify in the event that demographic elements of client has any influence about online clothing shopping

o To identify in the event that psychographic factors of...

Bibliography: 1998). The significance for suppliers to having a site is that a site is

informational and transactional in mother nature (Murphy, 1998)

Sales in respect to ComScore Networks, (Freedman, 2002) happen to be:

• Computer Software and hardware