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What is a Pc Network?

A computer network is a system through which multiple computer systems are connected to each other to share information and resources.


Share Solutions from one laptop to another

Make files and store them in one computer system, access these files in the other computer(s) connected in the network

Connect a printer, reader, or a send machine to 1 computer in the network and let other personal computers of the network use the machines available over network.

Following is the list of hardwares required to setup a computer network. Network Cables



Internal Network Playing cards

External Network Cards

Network Cables

Network cable are used to connect personal computers. T this individual most commonly used cable are Categ ory your five cable RJ45.


Each and every computer could be connected to another one via a dramon port but once we need to connect many computer systems to produce a network, this serial connection will not work. Capital t he option is to use a central body to which various other computers, ink jet printers, scanners and so forth can be linked and, and after that this human body will manag e or perhaps distribute network traffic.


Arouter is known as a type of device which acts as the central point amongst computers and also other devices which have been part of a network.

A router comes with holes called ports.

pcs and other products are linked to a router using network cables. Nowadays router is available in wireless modes using which will computers could be connected without any physical cable television.

Network Credit card

Network credit card is a required component of a computer without which will a computer cannot be connected over the network.

Also referred to as network adapter or Network Interface Card (NIC). The majority of branded personal computers have network card pre-installed.

Network playing cards are of two types: Internal and External Network Playing cards

Internal Network Cards

Mainboard has a slot machine for inside network cards where you should be put. Internal network cards happen to be of two styles.

First type uses Peripheral Component Connect (PCI) connection. Second type uses Industry Standard Structures (ISA).

Network cables must provide network access

External Network Greeting cards

Comes in two flavour: Cellular and UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS based.

Wi-fi network greeting card need to placed into the motherboard but no network wire is required to get connected to network.

USB card, are super easy to use and connect by means of USB slot.

Computer quickly detects UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS card and will install the drivers instructed to support the USB network card quickly.