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The way Outspoken has destroyed David's relatives bonds is usually symbolized by simply his break down of the canning jars. The moment David understands that his Uncle Outspoken has mistreated Indian ladies and provides actually killed one, all his great thoughts about his Uncle Frank shatter. How his Uncle Honest practiced sporting activities with him, how he bought him nice things, how his Uncle Outspoken was ideal. " He's smashing them…” (147). Carrying out one awful thing can adjust the whole world's viewpoint on that particular person in less than a second. Which what Dad Frank performed. He smashed the family's good thoughts about him. Additionally , everybody thought that Granddad Frank will eventually obtain something wonderful throughout his life. Uncle Frank created those morals as well. He's destroying the family provides by breaking the family's trust in him; much like how he's smashing the canning cisterns. Uncle Frank doesn't smash just one container, but he actually smashes all the jars. " Another crashed. ” (147). David's innocence is being corrupted slightly at a time. Every time David learns about a fresh crime his Uncle Outspoken has done to his people, a little part of his purity shatters. His innocence only keeps obtaining shattered through the whole publication. The only cause David is aware of all the poor things his Uncle Outspoken has done happens because he eavesdropped on his father and mother. Therefore , David can't tell his father and mother what he knows because he wasn't designed to have obtained this info in the first place. He is now keeping secrets via his father and mother. " Another. Was he spacing them at actual intervals? ” (147). Granddad Frank is usually taking one particular family member at a time, and damaging his relationship with all of them; just like how he's awesome one container at a time for a certain speed. Because he destroyed his romance with his own family members, the entire family gets torn a part, just like just how eventually, each of the canning containers get smashed. Uncle Frank has impacted the entire Hayden family in a negative...