MLK And Malcolm By Research Paper

Eilyn Morales

Period 5

M. L. K. and Malcolm X Final Draft

Dr . Matn Luther California king Jr. and Malcolm Times are the two best known African-American leaders from the last 100 years. Both wished to see black people in the best possible location, yet had been very different philosophers, and differed on the usage of violence to obtain their goals. As can be seen, in his " I Have a Dream" speech, Matn Luther King Jr. anticipated the time when ever blacks and whites would sit down jointly at a table of brotherhood. However , Malcolm Times was interested first in African-Americans increasing control of their own lives, as distinguished in the speech, " The Ballot or the Bullet. " When you compare and different King's " I Have a Dream" with Malcolm X's " The Boule or the Bullet", one witnesses both the commonalities in the two leaders' rhetorical styles, as well as the differences in their tone and message.

The two King and X use the same rhetorical strategies to grow their message in their speeches, since shown in Kings " I Have a Dream" and X's " The Ballot or perhaps the Bullet. " One as well device is definitely repetition, as King used when he repeated the term " let freedom ring". King repeated this expression over and over again to drive the point home that freedom is meant for a lot of. He desired to declare to his audience to remember that he is struggling for the region to be equivalent as a whole. Of course, if America will be a great land this need to become the case. Malcolm By also proven the use of duplication when he repeats " Now i'm not here". He displays to his audience that he is certainly not here to discuss himself, although of the better cause, put simply, the fight for civil rights. Though both equally may have got used similar devices and advocated precisely the same goal, both equally had opposing solutions to the country's problem.

One more shared quality in Martin Luther Full Jr. and Malcolm Times is the utilization of antithesis. In Dr . King's " Excellent Dream" conversation, he claims " This is the time to lift our region from the quick sands of racial injustice to the...