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Grasp of Organization Administration- MBA Semester two

MB0046-Marketing Management-4 Credits

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Assignment (60 Marks)

Note: Answer all questions within 4 hundred words each. Each Problem carries 15 marks six X 10=60 Q1. Do you think the disagreement of a lot of theorists the fact that traditional Ps are not enough for solutions marketing? Offer suitable good examples to demonstrate your stage. Answer. Assistance marketing creates a strategic place, which has powered growth and success for most organisations. Genuine services and products are hypothetical extremes as every single product today is associated with some amount of service. The standard 4PS

1) Product: Relating to Philip Kotler, " A product is definitely anything that may be offered to a market for interest, acquisition, employ, or ingestion that might satisfy a need or want. ” products incorporate physical items, services, folks, places, organisations, and suggestions. Products possess various qualities such as quality, variety, design, brand, packaging, services, and warranties that may be manipulated based on what the target audience wants. 2) Price

It is just a value that may purchase a certain quantity, excess weight, or additional measure of a product or service. Price is the sole marketing mix variable that can be altered quickly. Price straight influences 3) Place

Place mix relates to the physical distribution of goods at the best and proper place. For example , a buyer usually acquisitions toiletries via nearby retail stores. he development of marketing strategy since it is a major factor that influences the assessment of value obtained by simply customers. Circulation channels may also be used in marketing strategy to distinguish a product from its competitors. A company uses distribution channels just like retailers, bulk suppliers, merchants, agents and value added resellers. 4) Promotion

This can include the methods to...