Promotional Equipment Essay

The promotion that I have located is a promotional marketing campaign from PepsiCo Vietnam due to its new treat product Carente Twisties, which is also known as Twisties in other Hard anodized cookware market just like Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand (this is an equivalent to PepsiCo's Fritos/ Doritos to get the Hard anodized cookware market). Next to using traditional promotion methods advertising like print out ads or broadcast advertising (which it's still used following this specific advertising campaign is over), the main content of this marketing campaign is heavily emphasized about social media platforms, specifically YouTube and Facebook . com, which is also the things i will give attention to. This content is made, proposed and operated with a local marketing agency rather than in-house office, which is a prevalent practice for big organization. Because the method being used in the campaign is rather new, uncommon and it is intended to function specifically for Vietnam market, Let me describe the campaign (along with history information) so that it is easier to understand what the plan is and why the business choose to do this kind of, as well as to response the discussion problem (also because it's impossible to get and determine what the advertising campaign is about if you speak the language) Background information:

Facebook is currently the most popular online social network platform in Vietnam, with over 20 , 000, 000 users over the population of 90 , 000, 000. YouTube, although it is not having any kind of details info, also found improving in term of users and user diamond. This is offered by two factors: 1- Internet connection top quality in the country (especially in large cities) as a whole is swiftly improving and 2- the number of Vietnamese customer generated content material has also increased, under varieties of music videos, brief films, funny sketches and vlogs. The most famous one is videos, which started out during late 2011 and has been developing very fast since that time. Unlike other sorts of entertainment just like music or movies, or maybe other form of video contents on YouTube where it takes quite a while for a new content to become...