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Founded by Shōzō Kawasaki back in 1876, Kawasaki Heavy Sectors (KHI) has come a long way to its current success. Kawasaki Heavy Industries' most famous consumer product lines happen to be motorcycles and all-terrain cars (ATV), even though it was initially started out as Shipbuilding Company. Today Kawasaki is continuing to grow to be a multi-national corporation in the world which has a wide range of holdings inside the most significant cities over the world. Kawasaki Heavy Industries produces motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, utility vehicles, Fly Ski, water personal watercraft and practical gasoline engines under the division Kawasaki Weighty Industries Motor bike and Engine, which was previously called Consumer Products and Machines. Their hq are located in two major cities in Japan, Kobe and Tokyo. " Let the good times roll” is their very own slogan. Asia, United States of America (USA), Philippines, Philippines and Thailand are key plants of Motorcycles and Engine division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries exactly where they manufacture Kawasaki motor bikes. In 49, Kawasaki's Aeroplanes Company began the development of motorcycle engine as well as the development was finalised and completed in the year 1952. By the year 1953 mass creation was started. Kawasaki is normally called Group Green, because of their traditional auto racing colour which can be green.

Swot Evaluation


2. Trust

5. Kawasaki group is focused on provide excellent performances and services to be able to win trust of their consumers and community.

* Enlightening coexistence

* Kawasaki group appreciates the importance of Corporate Interpersonal Responsibility (CSR) which permeates every single facet of their organization. * The organization exists with the environment, society, local community and everything individuals.

* Respect for individuals

* The corporation has common respect for all those people.

Foster global group for a global era.

* Strategy

* Continuous enlargement of income and corporate value.


* Over costs

* Placing the price too high makes them uncompetitive.

* Over staffed

* Causes fragile company – employee romance.

* Triggers communication problems about specific jobs between high ranking and workers.

* Low on share

* Suppliers not able to keep up with demands of Kawasaki group as organization is always producing.


5. Green technology

* Improve exhaust and combustion systems to meet deplete gas polices. * Recycle for cash materials via factory and converting to easy to use packing materials.

* Company development

* Even more branches open worldwide.

* Factories extended overseas.

2. Joint venture

5. In 2009, Changzhou Kawasaki and Kwang Yang Engine Company, Ltd begun in Chinese suppliers. Threats

5. Exchange level

* The change from the global exchange rate intends the company with import and export of its merchandise. * Taxes

* Taxes increase in several countries cause the customer numbers to fall season. * Raises prices of raw materials.

2. Interest rates

2. Increases the debt owned and causes financial burden to the business. * Lessens gross revenue.

Key advertising and marketing problem(s) to become solved

2. Advertising technique

* The advertising should be carefully planned to give that direction and focus. 5. Advertisement should be built to satisfy specific aims. * Suggestions

* Concepts on the advertising will have to be imaginative.

* Capable of attract focus of consumers.

5. Execution

* Media vehicles will have to be picked properly.

* The location where the advertisements are placed also need to be very strategic. 5. Media preparing

* Ways to deliver the concept will have to be thoroughly plotted - and completed. * Entice consumer's focus with able advertisements. ESSENTIAL STRATEGIC MARKETING CAMPAIGN DECISIONS

Aims of promoting

The best way to contact customers is usually through promoting. Therefore ,...