IIC dissertation

Sammy's case

Through this assignment, I am going to analyze Sammy's case. Sammy was done her public examinations and also the results. However , the lady had bad results and may not always be admitted into a university. Despite the fact that she attended college to increase study, she did not experience happy with that. It is because her parents directed her to there with out asked Sammy's opinion. Then simply, she only went to college or university and would not think too much of it. With this case research, I will mention the problems with Sammy and give solutions to support. As pursuing, I would like to summarize four problems and solutions.

Lower self-esteem

First of all, Sammy does not have enough confident. Her self-esteem is leaner. Self-esteem is the value that people place on ourselves. It is indicative of a confident or bad orientation toward the self (Rosenberg, 1797). Sammy thought that everyone had been better than her. For example , her classmates have got better academic and athletics performance than her. Inside the physical personal, she also experienced disappointed. The lady said that her elder sis was better looking than her. Your woman was not good at all. Females are significantly less satisfied with the look of them than men (Stowers and Durm, 1996). It is usual that teenagers are more concerned their appearance. Nevertheless , Sammy constantly compared with other folks and though they each better than her. It reduced her self-confidence and suffer from depression. With this problem, I think Sammy should build-up her self-pride. For example , your woman can make some positive changes. She probably should not think that folks are better than her. On the contrary, the girl should communicate the changes within a positive method. According to Canfield and Siccone (1993), " Let me become assertive” rather than, " I do not want to be unaggressive. ” Emphasize self-directed action. Therefore , Sammy should feel that " I actually am one of a kind and appearance is definitely nice” rather than " I really hope I can seeking better. ” When you exhibit more positive, you will believe that you can apply it.

Knowing self and value...

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