Honda Annual Report Essay

Honda Electric motor Co., Limited. Annual Survey 2009

Total annual Report 2009

Honda Motor Co., Limited.

Year Finished March 31, 2009


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Preparing for the Future Risk Factors Business Governance Plank of Directors, Corporate Auditors and Operating Officers Economical Section Corporate and business Information Main Manufacturing Services Honda Group Honda's Background Investor Details

Reports Printed by Honda

CSR Report

This statement provides an introduction to Honda's situation on business social responsibility (CSR) actions and an understanding of their performance in the areas of quality and safety, the environment, plus the society during the fiscal 12 months ended 03 31, 2009. http://world.honda.com/CSR/

Driving Safety Campaign Report

This kind of report (available only in Japanese) summarizes Honda's initiatives to promote safe driving and principal actions in this area in 2008.

Twelve-monthly Report

This kind of report outlines Honda's working performance for the money year ended March 31, 2009. http://world.honda.com/investors/annualreport/

Environmental Survey

This record describes Honda's position on environmental initiatives, its environmental performance pertaining to the financial year concluded March 31, 2009, and future environmental targets. http://world.honda.com/environment/ecology/2009report/


Understanding (right)

A five-passenger, five-door dedicated hybrid vehicle, the all-new Information has been very well received with a wide range of buyers due to an affordable price with outstanding fuel economy, fun-to-drive performance and efficient flexible packaging and featuring the Ecological Travel Assist Program (Eco Assist) that can even more enhance useful vehicle procedure while featuring feedback associated with individual generating styles.

FCX Clarity (center)

Designed as a dedicated gasoline cell automobile, the FCX Clarity is powered by the Honda V Flow energy cell stack. Thanks to the ground breaking layout of the fuel cellular power plant, the FCX Clearness offers superior design, the labels and driving a car performance. Emitting no CARBON DIOXIDE in operation, the FCX Clearness offers not simply the ultimate in environmental responsibility but as well real world functionality and charm.

CR-Z (left)

The small sports idea of a lightweight crossbreed sports car that demonstrates the flexibleness of the one of a kind Honda IMA hybrid program and features advanced systems that deliver enjoyable traveling for all and will be offering superior environmental performance.

Corporate and business Profile

Honda Motor Co., Ltd., functions under the basics of " Respect intended for the Individual” and " The Three Joys”—expressed as " The Joy of Buying, ” " The Joy of Selling” and " The enjoyment of Creating. ” " Respect for the Individual” shows our wish to respect the first character and ability of every individual person, trusting each other as equal partners in order to do our best in every condition. Based on this kind of, " The Three Joys” express our perception and desire that each person working in or coming into contact with our company, directly or through our items, should share a sense of happiness through that experience. In line with these types of basic principles, since its establishment in 1948, Honda has remained for the leading edge by creating fresh value and providing goods of the top quality at an affordable price, for worldwide customer satisfaction. In addition , the corporation has done its actions with a commitment to protecting the environment and enhancing protection in a portable society. The Company has grown to be the world's largest motor bike manufacturer and one of the leading automakers. With a global network of 396* subsidiaries and 105* affiliates accounted for under the equity method, Honda develops, manufactures and markets a wide variety of items,...