Functional health pattern Article

п»їFunctional Health Style Assessment (FHP)

Pattern of Health Understanding and Overall health Management:

How does the person illustrate current well being?

What does the person carry out to maintain health?

Exactly what does person find out about links among lifestyle and health? What size a problem is definitely financing medical care for this person? Can your husband report his or her medications and the reason for choosing them? If perhaps this person offers allergies, exactly what does he/she carry out to prevent/manage them? What really does the person know about medical problems in his or her family? Include there been any significant illnesses/injuries with this person's existence? Nutritional-Metabolic Style:

Is this person well-nourished?

How does this person's intake of food compare with recommended food intake? Does this person include any disease that affects nutritional/metabolic function? Style of Eradication:

Are the individual's excretory features within usual range? Does the person possess any disease of the digestive system, urinary program, or skin area? Pattern of Activity and Exercise:

How can this person describe his/her regular pattern of:

Activity/Leisure? --Exercise/Recreation?

Does this person have any ailment that affects his or her:

Cardio/Respiratory System? --Musculoskeletal System?

Cognitive/Perceptual Pattern:

Performs this person include any sensory deficits? If you do, are they fixed? Can your husband express himself/herself clearly and logically? What is this individual's level of education?

Does this person have virtually any disease that impacts mental or perhaps sensory capabilities? If this person has pain, describe it and its triggers.

Routine of Sleeping and Relax:

Describe this kind of person's sleep/wake cycle.

Does this person appear literally rested and relaxed?

Pattern of Self-Perception and Self-Concept:

Perhaps there is anything unconventional about this individual's appearance? Does this person appear comfortable with his/her appearance?

Describe this kind of person's feeling state.

Role-Relationship Routine:

How does your husband describe his/her various...