Free Fall Lab Composition

Free Fall Research laboratory

Natalie Soria

Lab Partners:

Ryan Michaely

Iqra Haji

Yan Huang

1 . Purpose:

The purpose of this experiment is always to determine the acceleration due to gravity simply by observing the motion of the free falling object. installment payments on your Equipment Employed:

A. Termes conseilles Switch

W. Time-of-Flight Accessory

C. Control Box

M. AC assembler

E. Drop Box

F. Steel ball

G. Sound gold ball

H. Big plastic ball

3. Approach Used:

1) Place the metallic ball around the drop package.

2) Collection the termes conseilles to " Time: Two Gates” method.

3) Measure the length between the underlying part of the ball and the menu and record in table 4) Discharge the ball using the timer switch and record time it takes to fall. 5) Change the distance and replicate step (4) until desk is finish 6) Repeat steps (3) – (5) with stable golf ball

7) Repeat measures (3) – (5) with big plastic material ball

some. Diagram:





Timer Switch

Termes conseilles Switch

Termes conseilles




five. Data:


Table one particular: Determining the acceleration from the steel ball dropped Distance (M)| Time(S)| Time(S2)

0. 80m| 0. 4074s| zero. 166s2

0. 75m| 0. 3969s| zero. 1575s2

0. 70m| zero. 3809s| 0. 1451s2

zero. 65m| zero. 3692s| 0. 1363s2

0. 60m| zero. 3546s| zero. 1257s2

0. 55m| 0. 3438s| 0. 1182s2


Stand 2: Deciding the acceleration of the sound golf ball lowered Distance (M)| Time(S)| Time(S2)

0. 80m| 0. 4044s| 0. 1635s2

0. 75m| 0. 3906s| 0. 1526s2

0. 70m| 0. 3785s| 0. 1433s2

0. 65m| 0. 3643s| 0. 1363s2

0. 60m| 0. 3494s| 0. 1257s2

0. 55m| 0. 3390s| 0. 1182s2


Table several: Determining the acceleration with the plastic ball dropped Length (M)| Time(S)| Time(S2)

zero. 80m| zero. 4111s| 0. 169s2

zero. 75m| 0. 4026s| 0. 1621s2

0. 70m| zero. 3849s| 0. 1481s2

0. 65m| 0. 3698s| 0. 1368s2

0. 60m| zero. 3553s| 0. 1262s2

0. 55m| 0. 3382s| zero. 1144s2|...