Fetus inside the Stomach Composition

Declamation piece: The Fetus inside the Stomach

Yesterday evening, I had an unusual dream. I dreamed that I was a little dot inside the womb of my mom. Formed simply by love, and blessed by Lord. I can not observe, I could not hear, although I could believe that I was liked. Embrace by the warm tenderness of my personal mother's drag.

Here, I actually breathe in the mother's breath!

Here My spouse and i fed in the mother's meals!

Oh how place to live! Oh how place to expand! I was incredibly happy inside my little globe. Believe myself, it was pleasure beyond compare.

In God's period, I was a little dot, no longer. I grew, and grew, and grew. Caressed by simply parental love. I wanted to say, thank you mom, thank daddy, for your love, thank you for living.

One day, We heard playing sounds, and boyish laughter's. I can listen to! I can hear! My heart was filled up with joy! We kicked and kicked in celebration. Then, I ceased. I observed a nice voice declaring, " Tag, Joe, out of the bathroom right now! You might capture cold! " I thought, she must be my mother. Yes, indeed, the girl was my own mother. The 2 boys, Indicate and Joe answered, " Yes the female! " My spouse and i echoed inside the silence of my center, " Mom, I love you, Mark and Joe, I enjoy you! Wait for me, my own brothers, we will ascend the guava tree in mama's garden together quickly. "

About another day, my dad cam home and told mama, " I have the results! It's a girl! " " My spouse and i am a girl! I i am a girl! We am the sole girl! Draw and Later on, you will have a supportive sister! Mother, Father, I actually promise, I am a good daughter! I will make you happy father and mother! "

Nevertheless one nighttime, deep in the night, My spouse and i heard my dad and mother, talk about hard times, " Rising prices of gasoline! And food! Very high cost education! '' My father cried aloud, " How can I support a family of three children?! " I used to be shocked! Am I an unnecessary child? Oh, yes that was what my father got meant!

Oh no, father, make sure you, mother, appreciate me whenever you love Draw and May well!

I yelled, I yelled again and again, " Love me, love me please! " I started, I started again and...