Eastern Foods Franchise reflexive paper

Eastern Food Franchise's Business Plan:

Individual Statement

Module Code: UGB 118 Part (3)

Table Of Contents

Executive Summary

Issues learnt through the Business Plan

(a) Marketing

(b) Finance

(c) Operations

(d) Recruiting


Professional Summary

Asian Foods is a restaurant located at Dockland and this partnership business offers five companions with the suggested funding of approximately £300, 1000. 00. Eastern Foods revealed an offer of Franchising to the potential buyers to be able to expand the business. A private limited company known as MSJ Limited has sent applications for the operation venture. Far eastern Foods includes a plan to broaden their organization throughout the world through franchising in the event that huge response is received. The business prepare of Asian foods is created in order to identify the measures about the actions of a organization organization and point out the right steps to make this kind of business successful. This company has comprehensively completed both the Market and Industry Analysis so that it can obtain the plan of advertising system to be utilized along with the audience and the tendency of the industry. All of the essential parts of this business have already been examined elaborately along with the realignment of the aims regarding this business plan. This kind of business plan comes with the overall record of Asian Foods regarding the regular actions to be performed by them and also the making decisions factorials by simply its managing.

All the highlights of this business and statements of the key aspects of this business plan will probably be diagnosed with this report but it will surely also show the reflection on individuals by what we have learned from this business plan.

- Things learnt from your Business Plan


Marketing is a critical business that is relevant to attracting buyers. It has become an indispensable part of any Business plan. Advertising is the task which is in brief related to Answer, Information, Worth and Get. Marketing has to be done in discipline research along with desk research as nowadays it has come to to the maximum level of Business System by dint of science and technology. Generally, Rather than exchanging Marketing involves activities which includes Transportation system, Warehousing, Standardizing, Grading, The labels, Promotion, Funding, Market segmentation, Pricing and in addition Market research. But in broad impression Marketing has reached in the top degree of business. Broadly, Marketing is a another way of Fulfillments of social demands, Increase of Production, Proper Distribution of products, Lending stableness in price level, Development of professional arts, Advancement relationship plus the standard of living. It starts through the thinking of making a product or service pertaining to the customers and ends with the delivery to the customers along with the buyer satisfaction by the proper usage of the product plus the post-selling service. In total sense, Marketing is the most important device for any organization to be successful with any target and aim. Marketing to get Eastern food is very much crucial as it will significantly affect the objectives and targets of the corporation. Eastern food's marketing system has to be effective and properly executable. Being a new beginning business Asian food has to advertise massively to attract attention with the customers and also provide good service.


Financing is a continuous method related to decide the need of money in the business, evaluating the source, collecting money, financial savings, proper utilization and power over that account in the business according to the business plan. Loans can also be referred to as the activity of collecting needed money in so that it will start a business as...