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Duties and Responsibilities of Squad

Your appearance should always be in range with CCR-670-1. It is also your responsibility to enforce and ensure your entire team is also with this regulation. Carry out policies and regular of the overall performance, training, overall look and perform of enrolled personnel. You will be required to keep up with the standards discussed in AREAL 600-9 and FM 7-22. Arrive a couple of minutes prior to any formation time or school. You would be the immediate director and contact for your squad. Presence is vital in a command position. Generate and maintain a continuity book that you will value to do and hand-off with all the new 1PLT SL on 15 March 2014 to make certain they appreciate their responsibilities and responsibilities. They need to get all paperwork and notes that you have taken so they do not have to begin from scratch after taking over the positioning. Act as the Platoon Sgt when he is not present or perhaps available. You will need to be experienced in duties and responsibilities ahead of you control in his/her absence. You are directly appointed liable of all associates in your team. Get to know them on a personal level. Indicate yourself within a manner in which they are really openly capable to communicate with you. You will employ your team leaders successfully; hold them liable. You are not a single man crew; appoint crew leaders to work with you. When preparing stop of guidelines use a crawl—walk—run method to be able to successfully indulge and inform your team members. Inform your PSG when a team member ought to be recognized. You'll certainly be the first to advise promotions or demotions. It truly is your overall duty to exemplify the value of leading others selflessly. Always make your best and execute your tasks in a armed forces manner. Changes and issues OPORD to Team Commanders (TLs). Disseminates all information for the SQD through TLs