Chinese Legendary Essay

Running Head: Community Assessment

Global Community Assessment of China 2

La Tonya Rafe

Professor Susan Time

Global Community Health BSN 135 NRSG 436-4

July 28, 2010

Global Community Analysis of Cina II


The prevalence of contagious diseases in China is still high in some rural regions of China. Today China is a premier contender in the world export industry. However , just a cheaper financial reserves goes to broaden the health program. The government can be presently growing new ways to combat the uneven disparities in the country. China is a leader in the world economy; China is the largest lender to the United States. China has the largest extra in its arrange (more than $2 trillion in 2009). China gets the largest export products in the world (Zhang, 2009)

Wellness concern and New Millennium Development Desired goals

The major health concern in China today is the returning of the Serious Acute Breathing Syndrome (SARS) outbreak. The handling of the people infected with HIV/AIDS as well as the lack of resources for those who live in rural and poor communities and the tuberculosis pandemic due to overcrowding (MDG). The New Development Goals happen to be that by 2015 contagious diseases will certainly halt and begin to invert. That all those in need of HIV/AIDS treatment could have access, through 2015 malaria and other contagious diseases will be halted and start to change (MDG). According to the Millennium Expansion Goals Tuberculosis is the second leading killer behind HIV/AIDS

Three levels of prevention

”Chinese public health departments at all levels conscientiously follow the basic principle of placing the elimination first. Active steps are taken to prevent and, if necessary, treat contagious, endemic, parasitic and other conditions. In the early on 1960s China and tiawan entirely eradicated smallpox, more than a dozen years ahead of the remaining world. " In the 50 years since the founding of New Cina, epidemic preventions stations had been established by the federal government...