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" Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in India”




Capital t. Y. BMS. (Bachelor of management studies)

Academic year: 2014-2015

Job guide:

prof. Mazhar Thakur


Royal School of Arts, Science & Commerce

Segno Road (East)


I actually, Masirah luyani, a student of Royal University of Arts, Science & Commerce, and T. Sumado a. BMS SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION V hereby declare that we have accomplished this job on " Business Method Outsourcing in India” to get the academic yr 2014-15 and the information posted is true and correct to the best of my belief.

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I, Prof. Mazhar Thakur, hereby approve that Masirah luyani features completed the project about " Organization Process Outsourcing techniques in India” for the academic year 2013-14. The information applies and correct towards the best of my knowledge and belief.

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It gives myself an immense pleasure in presenting the project about " Business Process Outsourcing techniques in India” for Term V to get the Third Season of BMS. I would also like to give thanks to Principle Sir, Prof. A. E Lakdawala, for giving me a chance to study through this esteemed university and performing course of BMS. I thank Dean Madam, Prof. Kamala Arunchalam, and the Vice Primary Madam, Prof. Maleka Bootwala. I would like expressing my genuine gratitude and thanks to Prof. Mazhar Thakur, who is the BMS co-ordinator. I would also like to appreciate my job guide Prof Mazhar Thakur sir who have been a guiding light for this job and has additionally provided me personally with the best of the knowledge, advice and encouragement which allowed me to in the successful completion of this kind of project. My own colleagues and especially my parents who may have always backed and encouraged me, the achievements of this job to a hugely is also focused on them. We also say thanks to all those who have allowed me to and who I have neglected to mention inside the space.


As part of our research curriculum you need to conduct a 100 markings project. It offers us an opportunity to understand the particular topic in depth and leading to right through to that topic. My matter for the grand project is titled as " Business Method Outsourcing in India” in which emphasis presented on the doing work culture of employees of BPO's in India several youths mainly are joing BPO's. In the first place I have offered brief information about Business method outsourced it is history, features then moving to the additional topics which in turn explain in depth about BPO's in India. I have likewise supported my personal project with primary info which is gathered through study. The survey was carried out with the help of organised questionnaire. The Population of the study is the workers working in BPO's. At last conclusion of statement, findings and suggestions has based on examine of supplementary source and primary research.



BPO is organization process outsourced workers services in the outsourcing market in India, catering primarily to western operations of multinational corporations(MNC's).

As of 2012, around 2 . 8 million people work in outsourcing sector. Annual income are around $11 billion, about 1% of GDP, around 2 . five million persons graduate in India yearly. Wages happen to be rising by simply 10-15 percent as a result of skill shortage.

Undoubtedly that the American indian BPO's would be the largest boomingindustry attracting lakhs of teenagers and women in the country. Indian BPO's staff offers a number of advantages above their...