Business Process in a Hotel Essay

Creating Client Value in Tourism and Hospitality Sector, pp. 752-763 M. Drljača: METHODOLOGY OF BUSINESS PROCESS DEVELOPMENT IN A HOTEL


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Needs of interested parties, between which the consumer has the central position, start points of top quality management system that complies with requirements of ISO 9000ff international best practice rules. Regardless of the simple fact whether we want to arrange hotel management system in order to meet the requirements of such norms, one should be able to recognize exact asks for of interested parties, specifically of the client of solutions. Correct acknowledgement of these requests presents the beginning of quality system management in a hotel. In order to fulfill the expectations and demands of customer, the management in a resort must be created, documented, implemented and handled in such way to assure realisation in the actual and foreseen guests' requests. Function structure of hotel enterprise will not be sufficient for a long-run achievement of the goal. Traditional structural type of hotel company must be improved through produced, documented and implemented organization processes. In order to run hotel successfully, many interrelated actions must be described and been able. The application of business process systems in the resort, their explanation and connection, together with the supervision, can be defined as process approach. Business processes will be one of structural elements of hotel management system. If they happen to be not designed, documented and implemented, we can justly inquire whether resort management system is capable of getting together with requests of interested get-togethers. For jogging businesses, and hotels, there are three attribute types of business procedures: core organization processes, managing business processes and support processes. Experts and professionals do not concur about generally accepted strategy of organization process modeling. This newspaper accepts a hypothesis saying a good method is the one that enables controlling of organization process in a way to ensure the fulfillment of interested parties' demands, specifically the requests of guest.

Keywords: process, methodology of business process modeling, process approach.


Even though only a small number of hotel industry representatives in Croatia own ISO 9001 certificate while international confirmation of expected quality amount of management system, the idea of quality, as marketing positioning, as organization


Creating Customer Benefit in Tourism and Food Industry, pp. 752-763 M. Drljača: METHODOLOGY OF ORGANIZATION PROCESS ADVANCEMENT IN A RESORT

philosophy and everyday practice, is more and more existing in hotel sector. 1 Independently of the degree of awareness of motel management, business processes could be developed in just about any of the subsequent ways: 1) in a long-established manner - which is depending on „know-how" of the most important parametres of organization processes, with interventions just in situations once reliability of business process is really affected, 2) without any control, when in extreme instances the business process develops in completely unmanageable conditions, 3) in partly controllable conditions – characterized by business procedure model according to picked methodology, in conditions which are controlled in the same quantity as the standard parametres define them, and 4) in completely handled conditions - those organization processes whose basic parametres of definition are below complete control. 2

To be able to create totally controlled environment for growing of organization process within a hotel, it is very important that lodge business processes be: 1) named, 2) described, 3) structurised/organised, 4) controlled, 5) managed, and 6) usually improving. To be able to fulfil that, hotel...

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