Essay regarding amsterdam


To gain a strong knowledge of the Nederlander culture and lifestyles, you should definitely visit Amsterdam. You will be astonished by the large range of bicycles, surprised to see the culture and the structure and be shocked of the smell of tulip glasses. It is also the town for shopaholics and vogue lovers. However the most famous region would definitely be the red- light area, also known as the Wallen. When you are there you will be surprised to see the vast presents of legalized prostitution and coffee-shops. The coffee-shops are located on every spot, and you do not have to walk far to look for one. They are shops which will solely promote cannabis.

Because I have been living in the Netherlands for 18 years now, I are not astonished by each of the drugs and prostitution. To be honest, I never understood for what reason people would go to Amsterdam, just to begin to see the prostitution and drugs. But now I am living in the United States, I actually am starting to understand the fascination to view the vast variations in culture. Many of the laws will be stricter in the usa, for example , to legally beverage you have to wait until you will be 21, while in the Netherlands, the legal drinking age is usually 18. Also, you're not allowed to use any type of drugs.

But luckily, there exists more to Amsterdam than drugs and prostitution. Amsterdam is definitely the city of bicycles. Bicycles are typical for all urban centers in the Holland, but once you have been to Amsterdam and your chaos of it, you will be able to take care of every town. You can ask over the hundred Dutch people in the event that they have a bike or got have a motorcycle before and 99% gives you the answer yes. You will find mountain bikes in every nook, against just about every tree of course, if you were able to see underneath the water you will even get some above there. The reason why most Nederlander people are cycling is probably as a result of all the short, but beyond the boundary to walk distances. Also the tracks are mostly flat, which makes it better to cycle. Furthermore you can distinguish the bicycle...