Analysis in the Marketing Report Essay

A write-up published about 18 Might 2012 upon Financial Period, ‘Facebook shares already a marketing incentive', was talking about one particular Hong Kong-based brokerage firm –‘8 Securities' making use of the media hype surrounding of Facebook's primary public offering, to create beliefs to clients. It also explained how this promising business expanded the brand awareness with zero-sum of advertising and marketing investment by providing out US$200 of Fb shares to customers who also opened an account with them. In Innotribe Start-up Challenge 2012, the co-founder of 8 Securities, Abdulla mentioned his group was irritated with the ‘legacy technology, not having product development, and many importantly, zero own buyer experience' inside the traditional industry. Being desperate to develop these kinds of missing factors in the future investment market, Abdulla started up his own Web 2. 0 Business to launch the progressive ‘customized trading portal' with acute information and global ambitious. Through this essay, a great analysis is definitely conducted in 8 Securities' marketing strategy that may be mentioned in the article through the following various aspects. Recommendations on possible realignment and improvement are also provided subsequently. 1 . Promotion, in particular, free Facebook shares| Key Issue| * Ethics 5. Consumer behavior * Consumer expereience| 5. Segmentation * Differentiation * Targeting| Fewer important | 2 . Future Market and skill to get future Marketers| Non- existing point

eight Securities used the Facebook stocks and shares as part of its promotion strategy. With the classes set on the eligibility pertaining to the free Facebook stocks is to use their online trading services, eight Securities efficiently leverages Facebook or myspace as its ‘gimmicks' to have create a significant market demand of its on the web trading services in return for the free talk about incentives. Although the process to get the free shares was described as ‘simple by signing up' by simply 8 Investments, the article raised a minor ethic issue that in reality that...