Essay in Algebra


Candice Jacobs

MAT 211

Instructor Sanchez

July 28, 2013

We know that a classic maple rocker requires 12-15 board ft of maple and a modern day rocker requires 12 table feet of maple. We certainly have " m” which is short for the modern maple rocking seat which is now 12m board feet as well as the classic seat which is 15c board toes. m= The number of classic maple rocking couch that Ozark Furniture Company has to complete. Therefore , m= 12m (board feet)

c= The number of traditional maple chair that the pieces of furniture company needs to fill. For that reason c sama dengan 15c (board feet)

(a. ) The total maple readily available that was given is 3 thousands board feet. 15c & 12m = 3000 Inequality that was given with the quantities in place. (b. ) Chart for the given inequality.

The inequality can be described as less than and equal to inequality 15c+12m=3000 will probably be on the border line which in turn lies between your origin to the x and y intercepts. The not getting sun section is from the range towards the beginning and ceases at the 2 axis. The point is in the initially quadrant and under the shaded area is the solution; Therefore , the bought pair (x, y) is the point in the shaded region. The Ozark Furniture Firm can obtain times number of classic rockers and y range of modern types. So x-axis shows the amount of classic chair and y-axis shows the number of modern chair. (c. ) Consider the point (40, 80). This point can be indicating that the company is producing 40 vintage and 70 modern rocking chairs. Allow c=40

Permit m=80

Therefore , 15c+12m=15(40)+12(80)=


Total maple board readily available is 3 thousands board feet.

Hence, the whole remaining =3000-1560=1440 board foot

So (40, 80) is within the region exhibiting that the organization can make 45 classic and 80 modern day maple rocking chairs making use of the 1440 plank feet of maple to make it. The business can complete the order with no problem. (d) Consider the point (115, 180). It is outside the shaded location which means the organization could load this...